Verysell Group History

Esther Dyson was kind of godmother for Verysell. She introduced Mikhail Krasnov – VerySell co-founder to the other co-founders and to Bill Gates. Microsoft was a key partner of Verysell for over 20 years.

Moscow, 1991. The team in front of the first office of JV Merisel.

Moscow, 1999. The first logo of Verysell, after the change of name from Merisel to Verysell.

Few remember now, that in the 90s software distribution meant boxes of floppy disks

What was considered as advanced IT technology in the early days of Verysell.

Celebrating 25th anniversary of Verysell in 2015.

Verysell is headquartered in Nyon, Switzerland since 1990.

SmartDev LLC is located in Da Nang, Vietnam.

The new logo of Verysell has been introduced in 2020.

Verysell Ventures – the in-house incubator – launched in 2020. VeryPay is the first graduate.

The second in-house start-up was formed in 2021 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Freaking Bombers: The first game of VeryPlay Studio!

Smart81 accelerates growth for start-ups and scale ups

Applied AI Lab

1990 - 1998

During this period, we created JV Merisel, a Swiss-American-Soviet joint venture with headquarters in the Swiss town of Nyon and its main operational office in Moscow. We also had subsidiaries in Saint Petersburg, Kiev, and Almaty. Merisel Inc, the largest global distributor of IT hardware and software at the time, was the main shareholder of JV Merisel. Throughout the 1990s, with the support of our strategic investor, JV Merisel became the leading distributor of IT technology products across the former Soviet Union. We brought previously unavailable IT products to millions of people across the region, covering 11 time zones from West to East.


Due to a shift in corporate strategy, Merisel Inc decided to exit all operations in Europe, including the ex-USSR. As a result, JV Merisel was rebranded as Verysell Group and diversified its business beyond basic IT product distribution. Verysell evolved into a full-range IT service firm, providing turn-key IT infrastructure solutions, ERP consulting, and application software development for enterprise clients. From 2004 onwards, Verysell ranked among the top 10 largest IT holdings in Russia, its largest market in the former Soviet Union region. We became a leading value-added partner for many of the largest global IT companies, including Microsoft, HP, IBM, Cisco, and Intel.


Verysell Group sold its core business, Verysell Distribution, to Merlion Group, one of the largest wide-range distributors in Eastern Europe.


Verysell underwent reorganization to adapt to the evolving global IT industry and changing geopolitical landscape. The group continued its operations in industrial automation and IT systems integration until the reorganization was complete, leading to changes in target markets and IT industry segments.
Since 2017, Verysell no longer has operations, subsidiaries, or staff in Russia and Belarus.


Following a revision of its strategy, Verysell retained its headquarters in Switzerland but shifted its geographic focus to Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa. We adapted our service and product offering to address the pressing needs of IT markets, such as outsourced software development and fintech. To support this new business direction, Verysell acquired the Vietnamese ODC company SmartDev LLC.


Verysell launched Verysell Ventures as its in-house incubator for start-ups. The first project of Verysell Ventures, VeryPay, is a proprietary mobile payments platform designed as the most cost-efficient solution for financial inclusion worldwide, with a focus on the booming digital wallets African market.


Verysell Ventures launched its second start-up, VeryPlay Studio, to target the fast-growing mobile games market.


Active development and growth have continued across all business lines of the Verysell Group. SmartDev has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing IT companies in Vietnam (SME 100 Award 2021). VeryPlay Studio has published its first game, Freaking Bombers.

Q1 2023

SMART81 became the third project of Verysell Ventures and the group's first office in the US. The company's mission is to advise, collaborate, and build enterprise-level technology for early-stage businesses through a variety of bespoke commercial models

Q2 2023

The fourth project of Verysell Ventures has been launched. The Applied AI Lab's mission is to equip every employee in the group with the best existing commercial AI assistant or custom-created tool. We also offer AI-related consulting services and a suite of bespoke products that incorporate AI capabilities for our clients.

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