Over 30 Years of Innovation

Specializing in Information Technology and AI

Who We Are

We have thrived and evolved throughout the incredible five decades of IT revolution (1981-2023): PC-local networks-internet-mobile-crypto/blockchain-AI. Headquartered in Switzerland, we are a global group of companies providing high-quality, cost-efficient technical development services to startups, mid-sized and enterprise-grade companies.

Operating in 16 countries across 4 continents with client-facing teams in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa, we have mastered a unique Onshore Leadership and Offshore Development model, to deliver high-level expertise at a fraction of the cost. We have successfully navigated the rapidly evolving tech landscape partnering with companies across various sectors such asFintech, and PayTech, InsurTech, etc.

From technical discovery workshops to architecting systems, designing mock-ups, providing cost estimates to simple customization or full-cycle software development, our clients come to us when they need a strategic partner to help them improve their operational efficiency, leverage the latest technologies and scale their software development efforts quickly and cost-effectively.

What We Do

Software Development

High-quality, Cost-efficient, Flexibility & Swiss Quality Standards

Technology Advisory

Excellent Technical Advice for desired business outcomes

Growth Acceleration for Start-Ups & Scale-Ups

Build great Products together with Agile methodology

AI Consulting Services & Bespoke Products

Achieve new heights and optimize operational efficiency with AI-driven strategies.

Our History

Verysell has evolved over the past 30 years to keep up with today's information technology developments.

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