Contrasting AI/ML Communities: A London and San Francisco Perspective

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For nearly four months, our AI competency center – Verysell Group Applied AI Lab has accomplished pivotal internal milestones. From finalizing sales pitches to launching our official website (, we’ve taken proactive steps, publishing two internal newsletters, and engaging in discussions with existing clients about the AI revolution in their products and services. As our team forays into the global AI community, we’re actively participating in events in London (UK) and the US. Yurii Lozinskyi, Head of the Applied AI Lab, recently attended two AI events in this October, and in this blog post, he shares unique perspectives on their differences and the emerging AI trends we can glean from these experiences. 


Over the past few weeks, as a Head of Verysell Applied AI Lab, I’ve had the privilege of attending two distinct but equally vibrant communities that revolve around the ever-evolving world of AI and machine learning. My unique perspective, as a participant originally from Ukraine, allows me to shed light on the similarities and differences between the AI-related events in London (The Future of AI and its Infrastructure) and San Francisco (GPT-Party 2.0).

Meetup-Oriented Communities

Both London and San Francisco boast meetup-oriented AI communities. These gatherings attract individuals who share a passion for hardware, technology, and science, as well as those seeking opportunities to invest in ground-breaking projects. What struck me was the strong backing from eminent venture capital firms. In the UK, we had the legendary Sequoia Capital and Amadeus Capital Partners, while the US was represented by and Elysium Venture Capital. VCs are often seen as elusive creatures by start-up founders, but what I found surprising was the accessibility of venture capitalists. In the US, they are more open to dialogue, dedicated, and patient, making time for anyone seeking advice, opinions, or an opportunity to pitch their ideas. The key takeaway here is the availability of VC professionals.

Verysell Group Team in London Meet Up – “The Future of AI and its Infrastructure”

Speed of Deal Making

One stark contrast between the two regions is the speed of deal-making. In the UK, investors, particularly for start-ups in the seed and post-seed stages, tend to close (or reject) deals more swiftly. On the other hand, the US-based investors are more patient and meticulous in their approach. This could be attributed to differing risk appetites or market dynamics, but it’s a crucial factor for start-ups to consider when seeking funding.

Silicon Roundabout vs. San Francisco Innovation Hub

The UK-based community, famously known as the Silicon Roundabout, is where the Verysell Group of Companies actively collaborates. This community is highly practical, with a primary focus on fostering communication and quick, straightforward interactions between founders and VCs.

In contrast, the San Francisco Innovation Hub is home to community members with a strong drive to propel their AI-based businesses into the future. Here, discussions extend beyond deals and venture funding. The focus lies on topics like the nature of leadership that can elevate companies to greatness, as well as the practical applications of AI as a Digital Workers.

Inclusiveness and Networking

In both communities, I felt a sense of belonging, making new connections, and sharing ideas about the profound impact of AI on business and society. Whether you aim to invest or seek investments, shape your product, or discuss long-term product strategy, both communities offer the right environment.

Networking in GPT-Party 2.0 event in US

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, both London and San Francisco host thriving AI communities that welcome participants with diverse goals. However, if you’re a start-up founder on the hunt for funding, London might be the more expedient choice. The takeaway from my experience is that, regardless of your objectives, the world of AI/ML is brimming with opportunities and insights, and there’s a community for everyone.


The diverse experiences from the two recent AI events have enriched our understanding of the dynamic AI landscape. If you’re seeking AI consultancy or services, we invite you to engage with our Applied AI Lab team. Connect with us via our website,, or reach out directly to Yurii at We look forward to collaborating and exploring the endless possibilities that AI offers together. 

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