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Double Victory for Verysell Group at Sao Khue Awards 2024

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NYON, Switzerland, April 13, 2024 –  Celebrations abound at Verysell Group as its subsidiary, SmartDev, clinched not one but two prestigious Sao Khue Awards – the most reliable and prestigious assessment program of Vietnam in the field of software and IT services on 13rd April 2024. The awards were granted for SmartDev’s IT Outsourcing Services and VeryPay – Mobile Money Technology Solutions, showcasing the group’s prowess in the realm of information technology. 

Since 2019, Verysell has acquired SmartDev – a software development company in Vietnam and together with the SmartDev team, developed the innovative closed-loop payment solution, VeryPay. This strategic move entails significant investment in the Vietnam development hub, positioning it as the nucleus of the entire Verysell Group. The receipt of two prestigious awards serves as a validation of this strategic direction, affirming it as a successful and fruitful investment. 

Every year since 2003, the Sao Khue Awards, organized by the Vietnam Software Association (VINASA), stand as a tribute to the pinnacle of achievement in information technology and communication. In the pursuit of these accolades, products and solutions undergo meticulous evaluation by a panel of 18 experts. Their assessment encompasses the sophistication of technology, the ingenuity of concepts, and the pragmatic utility for businesses. 

In the Sao Khuê 2024 competition, SmartDev had two nominations: IT Outsourcing Services in the Digital Service category and VeryPay product – Mobile Money Technology Solutions in the Innovation category. 

SmartDev maintains a strong foothold in the IT sector, boasting a workforce of up to 300 employees and experiencing rapid growth. Serving a global clientele of over 300, SmartDev consistently delivers exceptional software solutions across diverse industries, including Finance, Healthcare, and E-commerce. At SmartDev, our DNA is characterized by our extensive Global Delivery experience, a team of Experienced Developers proficient in English, and Agile practices. Additionally, we maintain a strong focus on Fintech & AI, leveraging the expertise of our Group’s specialists. Furthermore, SmartDev’s credibility is enhanced by its possession of security certifications such as ISO 27001 and SocType2.

VeryPay, a strategic payment product within Verysell group, developed by our outstanding engineering team in SmartDev Vietnam over a span of four years, is poised to transform Mobile Money Technology Solutions, particularly targeting the African market. In October of last year, VeryPay made a highly successful debut at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Kigali Rwanda, garnering significant interest from both the market and media outlets. Some notable coverage includes articles by Fintech Futures, The Fintech Times, and The Business & Financial Times. Recognized by the Sao Khue 2024 Awards, VeryPay serves as a testament to SmartDev’s expertise in deploying intricate high-tech solutions. 

The Sao Khue 2024 Awards Ceremony, held at the Army Theater, Hanoi Vietnam, witnessed the presence of dignitaries from various government agencies, further underscoring the significance of this achievement. SmartDev’s representatives, including Ms. Nguyen Thi Luan – General Director of SmartDev Vietnam and Mr. Huynh Duy Chương – Head of VeryPay Product Development Team, proudly received the accolades. 

This double victory at the Sao Khue 2024 Awards reinforces Verysell Group’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the global software industry. It signifies not only SmartDev’s success but also the collective achievement of the entire group.  

About Verysell Group

Established in 1990 with its headquarters in Switzerland, Verysell Group stands at the forefront of the global software development industry. At Verysell’s core lies its offshore development center (ODC), SmartDev LLC in Vietnam, which is dedicated to building customised software solutions for external clients and proprietary products such as VeryPay. With its global presence through 8 offices across four continents, Verysell Group caters to a diverse client base, ranging from startups to multinational corporations. Its portfolio of brands—SmartDev, VeryPay, Smart81, VeryPlay Studio, and Applied AI Lab.  

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