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SmartDev Celebrates Grand Opening of New Hanoi Office: A Symbol of Strategic Growth and Innovation

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Hanoi, Vietnam – May 15, 2024SmartDev, a leading software development company under the Verysell Group, is proud to announce the grand opening of its new office in Hanoi. This expansion marks a significant milestone in SmartDev’s journey, reinforcing its position as a global leader in software development and innovation.

Strategic Expansion and Commitment to Excellence

The opening of the Hanoi office on May 15, 2024, signifies SmartDev’s strategic growth and unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. Alongside its headquarters in Danang, SmartDev now operates two state-of-the-art development centers in Vietnam, solidifying its role as the Software Development Hub for the whole Verysell Group.

The lion dance kicked off the celebration.

Embracing the AI Era

The theme of the Grand Opening, “The AI Era Begins,” highlights the focus of Verysell Group and SmartDev on expanding its AI team in Hanoi and fostering AI adoption across all group services and products. This new chapter emphasizes SmartDev’s dedication to leading in AI innovations and integrating cutting-edge AI solutions into its offerings, driving forward the vision of becoming an AI-powered software development company.

SmartDev Team with Mrs Nguyen Thi Thu Giang from VINASA.

A Celebration of Success and Innovation

The event was a remarkable success, attended by the entire SmartDev Board of Directors, Management Teams from both Danang and Hanoi, and leading experts from the Verysell Group. Distinguished guests included Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Giang, Vice Chairwoman and General Secretary of VINASA, and Mrs. Le Thi Anh Tuyet, Program Manager of the Sao Khue Award. The event also welcomed over 30 partners, vendors, and friends, with a notable presence of up to 60 members from the Hanoi team.

Petr Krasnov CEO Verysell Group (right), Mrs Nguyen Thi Thu Giang, Vice Chairwoman cum General Directory VINASA (center) and Alistair Copeland CEO SmartDev (left) in the ribbon cutting ceremony.


The final shoot with most of partners, vendors, friends in Hanoi Grand Opening with SmartDev Team.

Showcasing Milestones and Future Plans

One of the highlights of the event was a video presentation showcasing SmartDev’s remarkable milestones, from its founding to the present day, and looking ahead to the expansion of the Danang office in July 2024 to accommodate an additional 250 seats. Since its acquisition by the Verysell Group in 2020, SmartDev has experienced rapid growth, with quarterly expansions and an impressive growth rate that stands out from the industry average of 10%. Mrs. Thu Giang from VINASA noted, “SmartDev’s growth trajectory is remarkable, positioning it well above the typical benchmark. The company is set to recruit 100 new team members in the next quarter and aims to reach a milestone of 1,000 employees by the end of 2025.” This moment of pride and reflection celebrated SmartDev’s journey of growth and success.

“I am thrilled to share the exciting news of the Grand Opening of SmartDev’s new Hanoi office, an event that marks a significant milestone in our journey. This expansion not only demonstrates our strategic growth but also our commitment to innovation and excellence,” said Alistair Copeland, SmartDev CEO.

Commitment to Vietnam and Future Growth

The Verysell Group is deeply committed to investing in Vietnam, recognizing the country’s potential as a hub for technological innovation and development. SmartDev’s management team is dedicated to transforming the company into an iconic symbol of IT excellence in the region. With continuous investments in cutting-edge technologies and talent development, SmartDev aims to lead the industry, setting new standards for quality and innovation.

About SmartDev

SmartDev is a premier provider of software development services, specializing in AI-powered solutions. With development centers located in Danang and Hanoi, SmartDev is committed to driving innovation and delivering exceptional software development on a global scale. The company operates two vibrant and strategically situated offices in Vietnam: a 1,000m² office in the Hai Chau District of Danang and a newly established 400m² office in the Cau Giay District of Hanoi.

About Verysell Group

Established in 1990 with its headquarters in Switzerland, Verysell Group stands at the forefront of the global software development industry. At Verysell’s core lies its offshore development center (ODC), SmartDev LLC in Vietnam, which is dedicated to building customised software solutions for external clients and proprietary products such as VeryPay. With its global presence through 8 offices across four continents, Verysell Group caters to a diverse client base, ranging from startups to multinational corporations. Its portfolio of brands—SmartDev, VeryPay, Smart81, VeryPlay Studio, and Applied AI Lab.

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