Andrew Ng’s Vision for AI in Vietnam: Expanding Opportunities and Growth 

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Dr. Andrew Ng, a global AI influencer, recently shared his optimistic views on Vietnam’s future in AI development at FPT Techday 2023. This was also the first time he came to Vietnam. His insights highlighted the immense potential for Vietnamese tech companies to leverage AI, transitioning from traditional software outsourcing to AI-driven app development.  

Ng emphasized Vietnam’s promising prospects, citing the country’s strong educational system and demographic shifts, positioning it as an appealing intellectual investment destination across various fields. His address at the event underscored the boundless opportunities AI offers, stating that AI applications will become more prevalent, generating substantial revenue for businesses in the future. 

During his address, Ng underscored the substantial growth anticipated for AI applications, projecting a future where these innovations become a significant revenue source for businesses. 

Ng envisioned that the forthcoming AI revolution will redefine human living and work experiences. He expressed great optimism for Vietnam’s AI journey, foreseeing substantial achievements in the near future. 

In his presentation, Ng emphasized the significance of two AI technologies—supervised learning and generative AI like ChatGPT—recognizing their substantial importance for tech industry leaders. He condensed the future AI landscape for 2024 into three pivotal concepts: Large Vision Model, Edge AI, and Agent Concept. Stay tuned for an in-depth exploration of these trends in the upcoming newsletter by Verysell Group’s Applied AI Lab, led by Dr. Hung Dao, Chief AI Scientist, and Dr. Soan Duong, Lead AI Trainer.  

Moreover, Verysell Group’s Chief AI Scientist, Dr. Hung Dao, had the privilege to meet and host Dr. Andrew Ng during his visit to Vietnam this time. 

Dr Hung Dao – AI Lab Chief AI Scientist & Andrew Ng in a private dinner (Vietnam)


Dr Hung Dao – AI Lab Chief AI Scientist & Andrew Ng in a tech event in Vietnam (Oct 2023)

Andrew Ng greatly inspires people and developers in the AI field. One of our AI Engineers had the chance to meet him in person at an event in Canada this June.

Huy Ta – Applied AI Lab AI Engineer with Andrew Ng in Canada, June 2023

Ng expressed admiration for the IT development in Vietnam and solidified strategic partnerships with technical stakeholders in the country. Vietnam’s ascending rank in the Global Services Location Index of Kearney (no. 6) and its multifaceted growth in government digitalization investments, increased foreign technology projects, and a rising educated young generation have contributed to its favorable positioning. 

Verysell Group remains committed to elevating Vietnam’s stature and connecting global clients with the country’s top tech talents on this promising journey. The insightful visit by Dr. Andrew Ng marks a pivotal moment, paving the way for a prosperous future in AI development in Vietnam.  

Verysell Group’s Applied AI Lab stands at the forefront of this technological revolution. Leveraging our expertise and experience, we offer cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to diverse industries. Whether you seek AI-powered innovations or solutions to propel your business, our Applied AI Lab is here to transform ideas into reality. Explore our services today and witness the potential of AI innovation firsthand!

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