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VeryPlay’s Recap: Showcasing Success at G-Star and Beyond

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VeryPlay continues its global presence by joining the G-Star event held in Busan, South Korea. This marks another milestone for the studio, which has been actively engaging with the gaming community worldwide.

Van Huyen Dang – VeryPlay BDM at G-Star 2023

In recent months, VeryPlay has showcased itself at major gaming industry events, providing valuable opportunities for the studio to connect with players, industry professionals, and fellow developers, fostering collaboration and growth.

Game Connection Europe

VeryPlay had a dedicated booth at the event. The booth was a hub of activity, showcasing our services and fostering connections with numerous clients and partners.

Maxime Perniola – VeryPlay Production Manager – represented the studio

PGC Helsinki 

VeryPlay explored the Nordic gaming scene, gaining valuable insights into the market and establishing connections with industry peers.

VeryPlay’s Dynamic Duo: Vladyslav Makarov (CCO) and Maxime Perniola (PM)

Gamescom Cologne

And our journey in Cologne, where we embraced the excitement of one of Europe’s largest gaming events, engaging with a diverse audience of gaming enthusiasts.

Market Insight: Choosing the Path to Asia and Europe

VeryPlay’s strategic decision to target the Asian and European markets stems from the dynamic nature and potential of these regions in the gaming industry. With a keen understanding of market trends, the studio recognizes the rapid growth and diverse gaming preferences in Asia. The flourishing esports scene and the enthusiastic gaming culture in countries such as South Korea make G-Star an ideal stage for VeryPlay to showcase its latest creations.

In Europe, events like Game Connection offer a gateway to a vast audience of gaming enthusiasts and industry influencers. The European market’s sophistication and diverse player base align with VeryPlay’s commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences.

By actively participating in these international events, VeryPlay not only strengthens its global presence but also gains valuable insights into the preferences and expectations of gamers worldwide.

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