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Introducing Smart81: Investing into Start-ups and Scale-ups to accelerate growth

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Verysell is excited to announce the launch of Smart81, a catalyst for the growth of start-ups and scale-ups. With a focus on advising, collaborating, investing into and building early-stage technology, Smart81 offers bespoke models to help businesses reach their goals faster.

Smart81 understands the challenges faced by entrepreneurs firsthand, as the management team are all entrepreneurs. They bring years of experience and since 2014 have been developing top-tier solutions for VC-backed start-ups and blue-chip organizations, delivering unique and high-quality solutions.

With a robust team of over 200 skilled developers dedicated to client projects, Smart81 has the resources to offer expert advice, build technology and fuel the growth of early-stage companies. Smart81 specializes in assisting with scoping, scaling, investing into and building the technology infrastructure necessary for success.

One of Smart81’s primary objectives is to serve as Verysell’s entry point into the US market. Recognizing the large opportunity available to software developers in the US, Smart81 has chosen to focus on start-ups rather than large corporate businesses that typically require complex proposals and have extensive technology portfolios. Start-ups offer a faster-paced, larger and more accessible market for engagement, making them an ideal entry point for Verysell’s US expansion.

“Smart81 is thrilled to provide investment into start-ups and scale-ups, to help accelerate their journey,” said Charlie Russell, Practice Lead at Smart81. “We understand the unique challenges and requirements of these early-stage and ambitious businesses, and our goal is to provide tailored support, investment and technology solutions to help them succeed. We aim to help these businesses negotiate the difficulties of fundraising and get prototypes or MVPs into the market faster than previously possible.”

By partnering with Smart81, start-ups, scale-ups, angel and VC investors can benefit from a wide range of commercial models to suit the stage of each business and budget. By using a trusted partner such as Smart81, companies and investors can reduce their risk exposure. In order of depth and complexity, Smart81 offers the following:

1. Free Discovery Call

  • Engage in a discussion to understand the prospect’s vision and product story.
  • Identify key product strengths for each category of target users.
  • Define and prioritize key success metrics.

2. Roadmap Assessment

  • Evaluate the clarity and conciseness of the existing roadmap. If needed, collaborate to create a comprehensive roadmap.
  • Determine the most important elements for the success of the company.
  • Conduct a value/cost analysis on each roadmap element.

3. IT Audit / Health-check

  • Assess the scalability of the current solution’s technology stack.
  • Identify potential conflicts with Open-Source licensing and ensure proper intellectual property (IP) control.
  • Perform a security assessment, risk management analysis, and compliance review.
  • Verify the prospect’s control over IT assets such as source code, software, libraries, and documentation.

4. Prototype Build

  • Define the path towards an effective Prototype/Proof-of-Concept build. 
  • Create an engaging teaser product that generates interest, attracts attention, and demonstrates traction, ultimately leading to investment. 

5. MVP Build

  • Establish a budget and assemble a dedicated team. 
  • Chart a roadmap and plan the implementation over a targeted period. 
  • Provide regular progress reports through Sprint Reviews. 
  • Focus on sustaining the budget and avoid feature-creeping tendencies. 
  • Offer support throughout the final delivery phase to ensure a successful transition to production. 

6. Re-platform

  • Evaluate if the prospect’s solution requires re-platforming due to technological limitations. 
  • Assess if the operating expenses are too high with the current hosted solution. 
  • Determine if the UI/UX requires an overhaul to meet modern requirements. 
  • Dissect the solution, chart a plan for the overhaul, and deliver a rebuilt product that matches the demands of user experience, scalability, and serviceability. 

7. Scratch re-build

  • Consider a cost-effective approach to re-build if the cost of re-platforming is prohibitive. 
  • Address issues such as lack of documentation or loss of key talent. 
  • Focus on specific product goals identified with key stakeholders during the re-building process. 

Smart81’s launch represents an exciting new chapter for Verysell and its commitment to driving innovation and growth within the start-up ecosystem. By leveraging its extensive industry knowledge, network and expertise, Smart81 is poised to become a trusted partner for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to turn their visions into reality. 

For more information about Smart81 and how we can help accelerate your start-up or scale-up growth, please visit our website at or contact Charlie Russell at 


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