Verysell Group launches Applied AI Lab

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Dear Clients, Partners, and Colleagues,

I am extremely fortunate to have been a part of, arguably, the most dynamic and fascinating industry – Information Technology (IT) – for over a third of a century. This industry has profoundly transformed the lives of two generations. I have not only witnessed but actively participated in the first revolution associated with the advent of Personal Computers (PCs).

In the mid-80s, I returned to Moscow from a business trip to the United States, where I familiarized myself with the then-cutting-edge PC technology. Upon my return, my boss at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, upon learning about my newly acquired skills, tasked me with leading a lab and transitioning all researchers from calculators and typewriters to PCs. Such directives were not up for discussion back then. Besides, PCs were scarce, and I eagerly accepted this exciting new assignment. Within a year, the typewriter bureau was phased out. Can you imagine the boost in productivity for our researchers whose primary work involved writing scientific texts and analyzing statistical data!

Then came the internet revolution, followed by the mobile device revolution. Now, we stand on the brink of the generative AI revolution.

As an IT company, we couldn’t possibly stand aside from this new mega-trend, potentially more impactful than all the previous IT revolutions combined. Hence, we are proud to announce the creation of our Applied AI Lab.

Our new division will focus on two main objectives:

1. To equip every employee in the company with the best existing commercial AI assistant or custom-created tool tailored to their specific work environment and routines, whether it be software development, sales, marketing, human resources, or financial management. We aim for every employee to have mastered this new approach by October 1st, and to see, on average, at least a 20% increase in productivity across the company by the end of the year.

2. To offer our clients new consulting services and a suite of bespoke products that incorporate AI capabilities for company-wide operations. Such projects are already underway. One example is the development of an AI-based chatbot aimed at improving collaboration in distributed cross-cultural teams in the Microsoft Office365 environment. Another example is an AI-based assistant designed for an audience that prefers their private correspondence to remain secure and unrevealed. This assistant uses a Large Language Model (LLM) like ChatGPT; however, its data block operates autonomously and independently from 3d parties, so is fully protected. Furthermore, the Lab has also commenced R&D in AI solutions for financial fraud protection, Know-Your-Customer procedural automation, and more.

Yurii Lozinskyi ( has been appointed as the Director-Coordinator of the AAI Lab. We will keep you updated about the lab’s latest developments on LinkedIn, and our AAI Lab website will be launched soon.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Mikhail Krasnov

Verysell Group Executive Chairman

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