Application Updates

Biometric authentication
The VeryPay customer and merchant apps on Android devices, support authentication via fingerprint or face recognition. Additionally, authentication by passcode or pattern is now possible on merchant app. Merchants can also control whether to enable biometric authentication.

Back-office Updates

Setting Limits in Back office
This release introduces a ‘Master’ limit option, in addition to the existing global and individual limits. Master limit can be set only by a finance admin, and it limits all other limits. If the new value of master limit is lower than any other limits, then all exceeding limits will be aligned to be equal to the master limit.

Filtering data by time period on the dashboard
In addition to existing filters (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 5 months, 1 year, year to date), two new additional time ranges have been made available: all data (since inception) and custom range.

Approval Request on Revenue sharing
Following this release, any changes in Revenue Sharing model, as well as changes in the earning wallet IDs and distribution schedule must be approved by a second finance admin. This helps to avoid human error and gives more control and transparency throughout the organisation. Once the proposed changes are saved, the system creates a change request with a summary of changes and sends an email to every finance admin. The second finance admin can either approve or decline the request.


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