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SmartDev and Applied AI Lab Team Join NVIDIA Inception Program, Accelerating AI Journey 

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AI Journey

SmartDev, the leading software development company of Verysell Group, and Applied AI Lab team are proud to announce our acceptance into the prestigious NVIDIA Inception Program. This program empowers startups and technology companies like SmartDev to leverage cutting-edge technology, expertise, and resources to accelerate their development in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

“Joining the NVIDIA Inception Program is a significant milestone for SmartDev and reaffirms our commitment to being at the forefront of AI innovation,” said Nguyen Le, Chief Operation Officer at SmartDev.  

Yurii Lonzinski, Head of Applied AI Lab said “This program will provide us with invaluable access to NVIDIA’s industry-leading technology, deep learning expertise, and global network, empowering us to further develop and deliver advanced AI-powered solutions for our clients.” 

The NVIDIA Inception Program offers a comprehensive set of benefits designed to help startups and technology companies thrive in the AI ecosystem. These benefits include: 

  • Hardware grants: Access to NVIDIA’s latest GPUs and accelerators to power AI development and deployment. 
  • Training and support: Deep learning workshops, technical support, and access to a global community of AI experts. 
  • Go-to-market support: Marketing and sales enablement programs to help companies reach new markets and customers. 


By joining the NVIDIA Inception Program, SmartDev and Applied AI Lab gains access to valuable resources that will empower our team and fuel our technological advancements: 

  • Enhanced Expertise: Our team will benefit from startup portal access, granting them valuable tools and resources. Additionally, free credits for online courses and discounted technical workshops offered by the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) will equip them with the latest AI knowledge and skills. Furthermore, the program provides unlimited access to the NVIDIA Developer Forums, fostering collaboration and support within the global AI community. 


  • Advanced Technology: Our team will enjoy preferred pricing on select NVIDIA hardware and software, enabling us to cost-effectively leverage their industry-leading technology in our AI development. Additionally, we will receive cloud credits through NVIDIA partners, further reducing our development costs. Finally, the program offers a monthly newsletter to keep us informed about the latest trends, announcements, and opportunities in the AI landscape. 


Besides, NVIDIA’s global network will help SmartDev and Applied AI Lab connect with potential customers and partners, furthering their impact on the AI industry. 

This move signifies the commitment of both SmartDev and the Verysell Group to embrace AI and become key players in the global AI community. The Applied AI Lab team serves as a crucial pillar in driving SmartDev’s AI journey, and their inclusion in the NVIDIA Inception Program underscores the company’s dedication to fostering innovation and excellence in the field. 

About SmartDev 

SmartDev ( is the development house of the Verysell Group, providing comprehensive Software Development Services and IT Outsourcing solutions for a global clientele. We combine our extensive software development expertise with cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning to empower businesses around the world. Our innovative solutions are designed to help clients achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and cost-savings. 

About Applied AI Lab 

The Applied AI Lab ( is the AI Center of Excellence for both Verysell Group and SmartDev. This dedicated team focuses on developing innovative AI products and consulting on AI solutions for our global clients. By leveraging their expertise and the resources of the NVIDIA Inception Program, the Applied AI Lab is well-positioned to accelerate SmartDev’s AI journey and deliver even greater value to our clients. 

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