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VeryPay Heads to Africa Connecting and Collaborating at Africa Tech Summit 2024!

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VeryPay is thrilled to announce its participation in Africa Tech Summit Nairobi 2024, where tech leaders from the African ecosystem and international players under one roof. 

Africa Tech Summit Nairobi 2024 is a goldmine for forging connections. Powerful presentations, strategic meetings and engaging with thought leaders will fuel our success. By joining Africa Tech Summit, VeryPay aspires to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the continent’s fintech industry.

Location: Sarit Expo Centre, Nairobi 

Time: February 14 – 15, 2024 

VeryPay’s remarkable success at the previous Mobile World Congress marked our foray into the African market. The enthusiasm from our partners and customers in Africa is truly encouraging, demonstrating deep interest in our innovative solutions. This is the motivation for us to continue our journey of cooperation and connection with other leaders and investors at forums in the future. 

For any other information about the participation of VeryPay in Mobile Word Congress, please read more here: VeryPay’s Impactful Journey at MWC 2023

At the upcoming Africa conference, we hope to continue that achievement and look forward to connecting with the fintech community and contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of this exceptional event.  

Africa Tech Summit Nairobi 2024 presents a valuable opportunity for VeryPay stay ahead of the curve. By observing presentations and interacting with peers, we can gain insights into emerging trends, focus areas, and the newest innovations shaping the market. Additionally, staying abreast of regulatory changes: Staying informed about evolving regulations ensures VeryPay operates compliantly and adapts its solutions accordingly. 

Our main objective is showcase the flexibility of our platform and show people how VeryPay works as a companion solution for today’s fastest growing payment method – the digital wallet. Beyond integration, VeryPay elevates. By seamlessly embedding into digital wallets, VeryPay unlocks advanced features unavailable in standard wallets. This technological edge creates a clear competitive advantage for wallets with VeryPay. 

Beyond passive observations, VeryPay aims to actively engage with other participants. We hope to build new partnerships with potential collaborators whose expertise and reach can complement VeryPay’s offerings, leading to mutually beneficial expansion. We are also excited to share VeryPay’s expertise and experience can contribute to the broader development of the fintech landscape in Africa. 

We aim to leverage Africa Tech Summit Nairobi 2024 as a platform to showcase the innovative products and capabilities of other Verysell companies. Among these notable innovations are the Applied AI Lap and Build to Order capabilities in SmartDev. These technologies exemplify the depth of talent and expertise within the Verysell ecosystem. Applied AI Lap, a product of Verysell, is an advanced artificial intelligence platform designed for diverse applications. SmartDev, another Verysell company, excels in customizable software development solutions. The “Build to Order” capabilities within SmartDev empower clients to tailor software applications to their specific needs. 

At Africa Tech Summit Nairobi 2024, we explore strategic alliances with prominent companies in Nairobi’s tech ecosystem. Companies like Airtel, with their extensive telecommunications infrastructure, and Payless, a prominent player in the fintech sector, offer unique prospects for collaboration. VeryPay seeks to leverage these partnerships to enhance its service offerings and expand its market presence in Africa. 

Get ready, Africa, because VeryPay is coming to Africa Tech Summit Nairobi 2024!  

We’re beyond excited to join this incredible gathering of tech minds and changemakers, and we can’t wait to share our cutting-edge payment solutions and collaborate with the brilliant companies and individuals shaping the future of the continent. 

This is more than just a conference for us; it’s an opportunity to connect, to learn, and to grow together. We’re eager to showcase our latest innovations, from seamless digital wallet integrations to powerful mobile money solutions, and to see how we can partner with others to make a real difference in people’s lives. 

Africa’s tech scene is booming, and we’re honored to be a part of it. We believe that together, we can unlock the immense potential of this continent and create a future where everyone has access to the financial tools they need to thrive. 

So, if you’re at Africa Tech Summit Nairobi 2024, come find us! We’ll be the ones with the big smiles and the even bigger ideas. Let’s chat, let’s brainstorm, and let’s make magic happen! 

We can’t wait to see you there! 


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